Established in 1998, in Athens, the Kokkalis Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, which serves the vision of Socratis Kokkalis, an internationally recognized entrepreneur in the field of information technology and telecommunications, and honors the work and contribution of his late father Petros Kokkalis, an internationally renowned surgeon and humanist, professor of medicine at the University of Athens and founder of the first neurosurgical clinic in Greece.

The Foundation serves the public interest by contributing to international cooperation, and the promotion of knowledge and education, culture and the social welfare, medicine, information technology and athletics, in Greece and abroad.

The central mission of the Kokkalis Foundation is the promotion of a peaceful, democratic and prosperous Southeastern Europe, through the support of public, cultural and scientific life in the region.

Towards the attainment of these goals, Kokkalis Foundation sponsors numerous initiatives in and relative to the region, including the organization of public fora and international conferences, the support of scientific research, educational and humanitarian programs, the development of human networks for the promotion of inter-ethnic understanding and regional cooperation, the promotion and strengthening of democratic institutions of governance, environmental protection and the innovative ecosystem.

the Kokkalis Foundation and the «let's go port» challenge


Petros Kokkalis
Vice President
The Kokkalis Foundation

The Kokkalis Foundation is happy to announce its support to the 1st Greek Islands Electric Boat Challenge titled “Let’s Go Port”, themed around Electrical Vessels and Ships ". The competition focuses on the dissemination of electric propulsion on boats, promotes knowledge and innovation, encouraging at the same time young people to pursue relevant careers in new professions, related to sustainable blue growth development and through the development of relevant technology and know-how, at the same time enhancing local island economies.

Acknowledging the importance of start-ups and emerging maritime entrepreneurship in Greece and the concept of the sea as an area of sustainable economic development and having already supported the first blue growth strategy implemented in the Municipality of Piraeus, we strongly believe that the competition will attract “smart” solutions around the sea, will provide the opportunity so that creative concerns turn into feasible ideas, and will create growth prospects and new job openings.