The Union of Greek Physicists is a scientific body aiming at promoting the Science of Physics. It was founded in 1930 kai since then it exhibits a significant role in educational, scientific and social matters, with innovative activities as well as with significant activities. It is a recognized member of the European Physical Society (EPS) and the Balkan Physical Union (BPU).

It organizes various educational activities, contributing to the promotion of Physics, such as conducting the Panhellenic Physics Competitions, the cycle of student conferences titled “Physics is Magical”, experiment competitions, Formula 1, Robotics and, recently, the competition “Clean Energy in the Battle for Climatic Change”.

This project is continued with unflagging zeal, as students’ love of Physics and the keen interest with which they participate in all activities, is the motive for offering them even more actions where they practice in the scientific topic of Physics and at the same time they develop the spirit of fair play and a mindset for unceasing improvement.

The Union of Greek Physicists and the “Let’s Go Port” contest


Panagiotis Fildisis,
President of the UGP

he original contest “Let’s Go Port”, which combines electric propulsion with shipping, was at once approved and embraced by the UGP, as electric propulsion is a trend constantly on the rise, contributing to saving non-renewable energy and reducing pollutants emitted in the environment.

Its application in the field of vessels presents a significant interest for our country, and we believe that it will offer participants a great opportunity to meet in more depth this new means of movement, at the same time opening new horizons in future professional employment, while promoting environmental awareness.