In this particular page and on the following map, you can see the central spots where several phases of the contest will be held during 2019-2020.

Of course, this does not mean that the contest is not held in the rest of our country’s islands, but it signifies that the Quarterfinals, the Semifinals and the Final phase, for the current year, have been designated to the ports of these islands.

Any island of our country could claim either the Launch of the Contest, the Semifinal phase of the region to which it belongs, or the Final phase of the Contest. However, this should be done while observing the rules, always in writing to the organizing body and in consultation with the chambers of the surrounding area, as well as the central chamber of the Region.

Αυτό όμως είναι κάτι που θα πρέπει να συμβαίνει τηρώντας τις διαδικασίες, πάντοτε εγγράφως προς τη διοργανώτρια αρχή και σε συνεννόηση με τα Επιμελητήρια της περιοχής του, καθώς και με το κεντρικό Επιμελητήριο της Περιφέρειας στην οποία ανήκει.

* By clicking on the spots of the map above, you can find more information on the ports where different phases of the contest will be held.

We aim at making this contest so fascinating, that each island, along with the local Chamber and Municipal councillors, will wish to host some phase of the contest.

In this way, they will offer potential of an overall upgrading of their area, as this would be a chance to promote the touristic places of our country in a completely original way, through the combination of technology, the sea, protection of the environment and sportsmanship amongst our young.

The indelible mark of the contest will be the promoting of Greece’s nautical tradition in all those places from where our ancestors set forth to spread the Greek civilization far and wide, and also the launching of an effort, through sportsmanship amongst the young, to turn a new page in technological advancement and environmental protection.