The organization which organize the “Let’s Go Port” challenge is the Electric Boat Association of Greece (E.B.A. Greece), under the auspices of the Ministry of Maritime and Insular Policy, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Energy & Environment.


The Electric Boat Association of Greece (E.B.A. Greece) is a civil non-profit company aiming at promoting electric propulsion, in order to support protection of the environment as well as the economic development of the country.

E.B.A. has hosted presentations at the Ministry of Maritime and Insular Policy and other bodies, in cooperation with the biggest companies in the world. Recently E.B.A. has contributed to the approval by the Hellenic legislation of electric vessels with batteries as a chief source of energy, and their being accepted in ship registries of the country.


Andreas Apostolopoulos, E.B.A. Greece president

Free travel, a need that required a prompt solution.

The idea sprang from the need to offer solutions to the residents of insular regions, who for years were treated as second class citizens by the state.

Poor communications with the mainland, deficiencies in the health system, expensive tickets, difficult or inadequate connection among islands with sparse shipping routes and, finally, costly products.

Destruction of cultural heritage and history.

Simultaneously, the high concentration of cruise ships to Greek islands owing to increasing tourism during summer, and their emitting millions of air pollutant microparticles (medically proved to cause side-effects for the residents), the destruction of traditional wooden vessels, the loss of employment, the decline of age-long knowledge and tradition, the need for new professionals and technology businesses, resulted in our sense of responsibility to produce an overall solution to all the above problems, without intending to interfere whatsoever with classic and existing practices of vessels with internal combustion engines.

Development of new technology and businesses, another need that had to be met.

We felt certain that the overall solution lied in “grafting” the young generations with the seed of knowledge so that, while growing up, they would find means and ways to follow those professions that they would find appealing. And, in the end, they would develop new, innovative technological businesses on their own islands, or they would decide to follow professions related to ship repair or shipbuilding and the sea in general, so as to staff, eventually, Greek shipbuilding companies with local members and employees.

We aim at beginning, all as one, to turn a new page in our nation’s nautical history.

Other contributors to the contest, under terms and conditions that have been specified by the co-organizers, are members of the following bodies, as members of the Contest’s Committees: